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Herbs With Barbara


Spring is in the air and there's signs of new life everywhere In this edition of Herbs With Barbara it's all about reconnecting with nature! We all know that a walk in the spring sunshine can work wonders for our mental health - but at this time of the year, there's also an abundance of food (and medicine) growing freely in nature. Flowers can also provide the basis of a […]

todayThursday 4 April 2

Herbs With Barbara

Spring: New Life!

Spring 2024 is hereAs the winter eases into spring, the days get brighter and longer - and there's signs of a new awakening and new life!In this edition of Herbs with Barbara we talk about Spring - and how it can benefit the mind, body and soul!Nature has so much to offer and it's an exciting time right now.We all feel better with a bit of sunshine - and there's […]

todayTuesday 12 March 3

Herbs With Barbara

Imbolc Has Arrived!

As we say goodbye to January it's now the month of love and Imbolc is celebrated!Imbolc is an ancient Celtic tradition which marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.Also known as St Brigid's Day, for many it marks the first day of spring.As snowdrops start to appear, its a sign that winter's power is waning - but don't be fooled, as cold weather will continue […]

todayThursday 1 February 8

Herbs With Barbara

Eat Your Christmas Tree!

In this months edition of Herbs With Barbara we talk about evergreen health and wellbeing As the Winter Solstice approaches, it's time for going back to your roots and to look forward to new beginnings! Many of us have real Christmas trees at this time of the year - but did you know, pine and spruce needles and nuts have some incredible health and wellbeing benefits! Important note here is […]

todayThursday 14 December 2

Herbs With Barbara

Banish those winter blues!

Figs, Ginger, Parkin and Nettle Roots...what more could you possibly need for a cosy winter? Winter has firmly set in, the darker nights are upon us and it's time to get cosy in front of the fire. Or maybe get in the kitchen and cook up some winter-warmers that are sure to hit the spot! It's a time for family and friends and sharing natures bounty together.  Gear yourselves up […]

todayThursday 2 November 6

Herbs With Barbara

The Joys of Autumn

We are well into Autumn, the darker nights are approaching - but it's still a wonderful time of the year! This edition of Herbs with Barbara is all about re-connecting with nature! As the the bright days get shorter and the air gets cooler, it's a perfect time to get into the great outdoors and to breathe in some fresh air! Getting out and about will brighten your mood - […]

todayMonday 9 October 3

Herbs With Barbara

Respect Your Elders!

September is an ideal time to forage and benefit from natural remedies September's bumper-packed edition of Herbs With Barbara brought us Elderberries and medicinal compound in the form of Damson Gin! Elderberries are naturally antiviral and can be beneficial for a number of conditions - especially for colds and flu. You can make a lovely sweet-tasting syrup, an ideal cough medicine or daily pick-me-up. Meanwhile, the branches of the Elder […]

todayFriday 8 September 4



Stinging Nettles are more beneficial to health than you might think Stinging nettles - also known as Urtica dioica - are often avoided due to their prickly nature, but these plants have numerous health benefits that should not be overlooked. While you have to handle them with care, their medicinal properties have been recognised for centuries and continue to be valued today. In this edition of Herbs with Barbara, we […]

todayFriday 4 August 2


Elderflower Cordial

Elderflowers are now growing in abundance, so time to find out  more about this much loved medicinal herb! This month, Barbara came to our studio with some freshly harvested Elderflowers - and a suspicious looking bottle of home brew! Elderflowers, just like the berries have been prized by Herbalists for Centuries and are used to treat an array of conditions - but be sure to harvest in the warm morning […]

todayThursday 8 June