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Eat Your Christmas Tree!

todayThursday 14 December

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In this months edition of Herbs With Barbara we talk about evergreen health and wellbeing

As the Winter Solstice approaches, it’s time for going back to your roots and to look forward to new beginnings!

Many of us have real Christmas trees at this time of the year – but did you know, pine and spruce needles and nuts have some incredible health and wellbeing benefits!

Important note here is that not all Christmas trees are edible!  So be sure you know what you are doing – or better still, why not buy your supplies from a herbal shop?

Pine Needle Tea

Pine Needle Tea

Tea made with pine needles not only smells and tastes good, it has an amazing range of health benefits too!

Packed with vitamin C, it’s great for boosting the immune system at this time of the year – but it also has impressive levels of vitamin A, which is good for your eyesight and skin tone!

Simply place some needles in boiling water, let them steep for 10 minutes – enjoy the aroma – and enjoy the health benefits!

Pine also has wonderful benefits for fighting throat infections – and can be combined with other herbs such as Thyme to produce a pleasant tasting and very effective cough syrup.

For inspiring recipe ideas you should check out the Herb Society website.

Liquorice Bark

Liquorice Bark has great benefits but too much can have a laxative effect!

Often overlooked these days, Liquorice is a wonderful item to have in your natural medical chest.

You can chew on natural liquorice for a healthy treat.  Far healthier than those sugary sweets packed with artificial ingredients!

Just be aware that too much of it can have a laxative effect!

That said, that could be the exact reason you’d want to have it.

Also be aware – just like all natural things – having too much of it can be a bad thing.  Too much liquorice for example can raise blood pressure.

Why not join the Herb Society?

Life is in a period of a new awakening and many of us love the idea of all things natural and organic.

The Herb Society has been around for more than years and attracts members from around the world.

It’s the place to learn about and appreciate herbs and how to incorporate them into your everyday life safely.

Membership is only £40 a year and includes a monthly newsletter and a glossy magazine publication several times a year.

Members share their knowledge and expertise about identifying and using herbs for their health and wellbeing properties.

Not just natural medicine – but using herbs for a wide range of uses, from homemade cleaning products to Christmas decorations.

Membership makes a great Christmas gift idea!

Find out more at the Herb Society Website.

In the meantime, take a few minutes out and relax with a herbal tea as you listen again to the latest edition of Herbs With Barbara!





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