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Imbolc Has Arrived!

todayThursday 1 February

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As we say goodbye to January it’s now the month of love and Imbolc is celebrated!

Imbolc is an ancient Celtic tradition which marks the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.

Also known as St Brigid’s Day, for many it marks the first day of spring.

As snowdrops start to appear, its a sign that winter’s power is waning – but don’t be fooled, as cold weather will continue for a little while yet!

It’s a good time to get in the kitchen and cook up a few treats!

In this edition of Herbs with Barbara we sampled some homemade bounty bars – and had a delicious slice of Persian Love Cake!

Made with a delicious blend of nuts, Persian love cake also contains rose petals – long been known for their skin healing properties.

As an ingredient in this moist and indulgent cake, they impart a lovely sweet flavour and make it a perfect accompaniment to St Valentine’s day!

Get Herbal

Herbal medicine continues to gain many advocates around the world – yet some countries are banning the ancient practice and driving it underground.

Thankfully in the UK – for now anyway – we can still openly enjoy the benefits that herbs bring.

But as always, it’s important to remember that just because something grows abundantly in nature – it doesn’t mean to say it is completely safe to use whether in cooking or in herbal medicine.

That’s why, if you have an interest in all things herbs, you should consider joining The Herb Society which has been around for over 95 years.

For just £40 a year you receive regular newsletters and access to a wealth of knowledge and recipe ideas.

Be inspired, and make it a new hobby this year!

You can listen again to the latest episode of Herbs with Barbara right here.

Barbara will next be with us live in the MIX56 studio on Thursday 7th March.

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