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Under The Weather

todayThursday 4 July

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Summer is promised soon but right now we are all literally under the weather

And the unpredictable weather is challenging for our plants, trees and herbs too.

Though there is a lot in season right now and a bounty of food and medicine growing in the wild.

As always, just a reminder that because something is natural – it doesn’t mean to say it is safe, so always take the advice of someone who is in the know – like Barbara, our Medical Herbalist.

Barbara Wilkinson

In this edition of Herbs with Barbara we discuss Lime flower.

Also known as “July Flower” these tiny lemon-coloured flowers give off a terrific scent.

Walk anywhere at the moment and you’ll notice its strong perfume wafting through the air.

The aroma is said to be a mood-lifter and is used in herbal medicine as an anti-depressant, sedative and relaxant.

We also look at another fragrant herb:  Meadowsweet – sometimes called Queen of the Meadow.

It’s often used to make a fragrant tea and said to have good anti-inflammatory properties.  

It has distinctive leaves, not unlike Hemp.

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