Is Lymm a nice place to live?

todayThursday 27 April

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At Cheshire’s MIX 56, we get many requests asking about what it is like to live in Lymm – and we get it.

But is Lymm a nice place to live?

After all, you have seen the pictures and looked at the location on the map and wondered if it seems reasonable to be true.  It is a good idea to check in with people who live in Lymm before moving here, or even considering it.

Of course, every village, town or city has a few downsides, but we think Lymm Village would give most places a good run for its money!

We asked the team here at Lymm Radio, who live in the village, for some thoughts.

I do love the Lymm Duck Race

Is Lymm a nice place to live?

Now, this is a question that is asked a few times every week.  Mainly from family and friends and friends of friends who are looking to move into the area -and of course, listeners to Lymm Radio from around the world.  We moved here 16 years ago, to be fair, with minimal knowledge.

Looking back now, we should have done more research. However, we found Lymm very pretty, with an abundance of quaint shops and pubs, and we found a house on a lovely estate, a short walk to the village.

Lymm was perfectly seated on the M6 and M56 with short commutes to Manchester and Liverpool.  What we did not realise was how much the village did offer.

There are many excellent nurseries, great schools, all rated outstanding, stunning country walks (my favourite has to be the walk around the Dam), and various village events that unite the community.  The Duck Race, May Queen, Lymm Festival and Dickensian Day, to name just a few.

There are excellent eateries along the main street and traditional bakers and butchers, along with the village’s very own Heritage Centre, library, and radio station.  As a family, we get involved in the community days; the children play for local sports teams, dance for local dance schools.

We love trying the local restaurants and wandering into the village to feed the ducks and pop into the shops.

We enjoy walking around the Lymm Dam together, in all weathers, often hiding and finding some of the much talked about Lymm Rocks and taking in the stunning scenery.

A coffee or ice cream from the Church Green pub, or the roadside coffee and ice cream – a van is always a treat to be had.

So is Lymm a nice place to live?

Yes, Lymm has far exceeded our expectations. Lymm, to begin with, was a village, a lovely village to live in.

But now?

It is far more than a pretty village.  It is a community working hard to provide the best for their village, a village that I am proud to call home.

Helen, Lymm Radio Producer.

The stocks at the grade 1 listed Lymm Cross

Lymm is a warm and beautiful place to live

Lymm is a village in the Borough of Warrington.  Its name is Celtic for “place of running water.” Lymm village centre is a conservation area, with historic buildings, both listed and unlisted.

Lymm Cross, usually known simply as “the Cross”, is a Grade I listed structure dating from the 17th century.  The shops and businesses such as Hairdressers, Supermarkets and Estate Agents date from a little later.

If you want to eat out in Lymm, there’s the Mediterranean, Turkish, Fish and chips or even a contemporary fusion restaurant, run by a Michelin starred chef.  If it’s just a drink, throw a stick, and it’ll hit a proper venue to quench the deepest of thirsts.

All these things, put together, plus its leafy, rural setting, make Lymm an attractive place to live. What makes Lymm tick, though, is people.

People are the beating heart of Lymm.  You’ll find that out straight away when you enter the village. The warmth, the friendliness, the real sense of community is the reason why I love Lymm.

Pete Reeves, Presenter (Reeves on the Radio) – Lymm Radio.


The Lymm Confession

Well, where do I start?  I do have a confession to make, as I don’t live in Lymm. Well, I wish!!!

I live in Grappenhall, which is lovely and 9 minutes by car from Lymm. Yes, 9 minutes, as there is never any traffic!! So the 9-minute car journey brings me to a place that has everything. The walks, the Nature, the pubs, the restaurants, the local shops, and even its radio station.

The lower dam in Lymm Village centre

I love the fish man on the Cross on a Saturday afternoon. There is nothing like Fresh fish, like really fresh, like caught yesterday new, and on the back of his van the day after.

It’s pretty strange, as I worked in Lymm for around 2 years in a local pub as a resident DJ. I wasn’t from around this area at that point, but I so wished I lived around here. Funny how life works out, and here I am. Very lucky, I think.

So this 9-minute car journey, or a £7 taxi if a drink is on the cards – what a bargain. 9 minutes or £7!!  I can live with that!!

So if it’s the £7 option, it’s a beer in a pub, trot across the road to one of the many restaurants, but beware, booking is advised!!! Then back into the pub.

Which pub?

What a silly question. All of them!  Each one has its own thing going on. Real ale, or Gin, or wine, or live footy, take your pick.

And food?

Pub grub with the mates, or a romantic night out, 3-course fine dining with the wife resulting in plenty brownie points!!  Everything is in one bag. Simple.

My cab’s here. I’ve just texted the wife to let her know I’ll be home in 9 minutes!!!

Neil James is a weekend presenter at Lymm Radio.


Is Lymm the Perfect Combination?

For me, Lymm combines the perfect combination between country and city.  Having moved to the area over 5 years ago, I can firmly say that I am delighted by the variety which a village-like Lymm offers and continue to enjoy all of its quirks.

The famous Lymm Water Tower

Lovely eateries are abundant – whether you’re looking for an early morning coffee and cake, a cosy lunch with friends, or perhaps a cocktail or two in the evening – there is something to suit all needs!

The beautiful Nature that flourishes throughout Lymm all year round is also essential to recognise – I love going for a morning run whilst seeing the sunrise or an evening stroll at Lymm Dam at sunset.

It is so easily accessible to major motorways, and transport networks are a great benefit. You can travel to work efficiently and then leave your work behind as you enter the rural idyll.

Lastly, I can’t forget to mention the annual traditions such as Lymm May Queen, Dickensian Day and Carols around the Cross, which mean that everyone in the area feels included in one big family – above all, the community spirit. That is what makes Lymm extremely special!

Sitara, Lymm Radio Presenter and Producer.

If you go down to the Transpennine Trail you are in for a big surprise!

Call Me Lymm Lazy

But Lymm is special as everything is so close together. Call me lazy!  One minute you can be walking down the canal in the early morning as I head in to present a radio show.  Later that day, you can be walking around Lymm Dam.

I mean, even if you hate exercise, you might be drawn to the options around Lymm Village.  This might not be true for you, but I often feel I am on holiday when I walk around Lymm Village.

OK, minus the sun lounger most of the year, but hey, you can’t have everything, right?

There is something entirely secret and magical about it. The early morning peace before you awake to start the day.

If this seems a bit of utopia, then get up early and try it out.

Look left and right from the Cross, and you have a wealth of bars and restaurants to choose from.  And you don’t have to walk far. Lazy or what?

Not to mention that it must be one of the best places to investigate a special gift for a friend or a loved one.

Yes, some of the options are quirky, but I bet you like that!

Lymm is a great place to live because it combines a peaceful nature walk with the hustle and bustle of the nightlife if you want it.  Not to mention Carols at the Cross during Christmas, which Lymm Radio broadcast live. But, of course, no one will check if you are a good singer either!

It suits me fine!  And there are not many places like that, so Lymm is unique.

Stand on the bridge at sunset or sunrise, look left and look right, and I am sure you will get a good sense of why more of you would like to move to Lymm.

Oh, you have already. Good call!

Phil, author of the Imposter Syndrome and Presenter/Producer  at Lymm Radio.



Lymm is full of kind-hearted people

Lymm is a beautiful place to live. In so many ways, the friends I have made here are people who live here to live a happy life and make the life around them happy.

Some people may think we’re all millionaire CEOs with more money than sense, but we’re not (well, no one I’ve met anyway) we’re normal, kind-hearted people who, when we can, like to give back to their community to make it a fun place to live.  I think that might sound a bit twee, but I mean it.

I love working with the different groups around the village to help festivals, events, and community initiatives happen.

I love presenting at Lymm Radio, helping feed the volunteers who put up the village Christmas trees, getting behind the bar at the Lymm Beerfest and crocheting window displays for the Lymm Festival.

Whenever you’re visiting Lymm, after a lovely walk around, a trip to The Coffee House for a long black and over the road to Sextons for a custard bun is mandatory. You’ll thank me when you do; they are both unbelievable!

Steph can be heard presenting every Friday at Lymm Radio.


Lymm is a thriving and vibrant community

For me, this is a unique and special place, combining the beauty of the outdoors, such as the Lymm Dam, Bridgewater Canal, and the vibrance of the local shops, eateries, and cosy pubs.

Over Grantham’s Bridge to Spud Wood

At night Lymm offers a fantastic range of eateries and fine dining with traditional local pubs providing indoor and outdoor options, whether it’s a cosy pint by the fire in the winter or spacious beer gardens and hideaway courtyards in the warmer months.

The people and community of Lymm inspire me with their love of the village, and you only have to see the hugely attended events.

Such as Lymm Carols, Dickensian Day and Lymm Historic Transport day to see how much the community involve themselves in the vast number and events which make Lymm an extraordinary place to live.

I feel lucky to live in such a wonderful village.

Paul is Lymm Radio Station Manager.


The Fresh Air

There’s so many things I love about Lymm.  I think its the great sense of community; the fact it can take you half an hour to walk through the village to pick up a loaf of bread because you’ll be saying hello to people you know along the way.

The cultural events – Lymm FestivalLymm Historic Transport Day, Dickensian Day – Carols around the Cross.  There’s always something going on  in Lymm and the events are so well supported, not just by local people either.  People travel from miles around.

We’ve got some great pubs – and actually, there’s 3 that don’t serve food, they are drinking pubs only.  That must be pretty rare in this day and age.

And then there’s the fresh air.  I know others have mentioned Lymm Dam – but I love a good walk around Spud Wood or along the Bridgewater Canal.

We are also very lucky to be right on the Trans Pennine Trail.  At one time, this was a train track which ran between Southport and Hull.  The rails have long gone, but now its a safe (and mostly surfaced) trail which is ideal for cycling, walking – even horse riding!

I spent my early years growing up in Belgium and have lived in a fair few places over the years.  But I love Lymm.  It feels well and truly like home and its a wonderful place to live!

Ian presents and produces various shows on Lymm Radio.

What is Your Take on Lymm Village?

If you have to visit would you say it is an excellent place to live? Get in contact.

The team at Lymm Radio loves the sense of place from the events, walk, eating out, and of course, the people.

It seems Lymm has a lot going for it. Is Lymm a nice place to live? You decide.

Be sure to check out Cheshire’s MIX 56 on the web, your smart phone, smart speaker – and soon DAB!

Written by: ian

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