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Don’t overeat this Christmas!

todayTuesday 12 December

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How to have fun over Christmas and start 2024 feeling great!

It is very possible to enjoy all the indulgences of Christmas, the food the drink the puddings etc,
without starting the New Year half a stone heavier and feeling rubbish!

These days Christmas begins as soon as the last firework has fizzled out which means there is a good 6–8-week window when generally we are socialising, eating out and drinking more than we would usually would.

If we mindlessly eat what we want for this long, it’s quite likely that this will result in weight gain and you’ll start the New Year feeling pretty rubbish.

But what if I told you there was a way you can have it all…??

Let me show you how

  • Set your intention before you go out
    If you have a number of social occasions to go over Christmas that evolve around eating and drinking, then decide on your boundaries for the evening before you go out.   Maybe you’re going to go for it eat and drink as much as the mood takes you. Or, you might decide that on this occasion you’re going to have two courses instead of three and just two alcoholic drinks.
    You may even decide to drive. If you set your intentions before you go out, you’re less likely to give into temptation or succumb to peer pressure.
  • Consider the law of diminishing returns
    The key to enjoying your favourite food and drink while staying on track with your goals is understanding this concept. Slow down and be mindful when you eat and you will realise that you get the most enjoyment from the first few slices of pizza and first few sips of wine. Once you start to realise this; the second glass of wine isn’t needed and you can stop at 2 slices of pizza.
  • HELL YES or No!
    If you’re not thinking ‘HELL YES I want that indulgence’ then it should be a no. If you’re flicking through the dessert menu and nothing is jumping out at you, but you’re just ordering because others are, then make it a no.

The overarching message here is moderation and balance is key here (and a little self control of
course). That said, choose your indulgences and ENJOY THEM.

Don’t ruin your enjoyment of food by beating yourself up about eating it because then there really is no point!

Ultimately, eat the “insert indulgent food” and enjoy it….

Or don’t.

But DO NOT ruin your enjoyment of it with guilt!

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    Don’t overeat this Christmas! ian

Written by: ian

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