“Tiny Lymm” The Duck & His Friends Released Back to the Wild

todayMonday 1 July

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At 1pm on Sunday 30 June 2024, ‘Tiny Lymm’ a young duckling who was rescued from the Bridgewater canal at the end of April this year, was released back onto the canal in Lymm.
Many of the local community came along to watch the release, and Helen from Cheshire’s Mix 56 was there to catch up with Col and the team.
Col Sproule from Bella’s Legacy Wildlife and Fish Rescue, along with volunteers Carl, and Adele, brought ‘Tiny Lymm’ and other saved ducklings to the canal side in Lymm to release them back into the wild. There were 9 ducks in total.
The ducklings have been rescued from a variety of local locations but it was decided to bring them all back as a flock to Lymm with ‘Tiny Lymm’ as they had all bonded so well.
The ducks have been living with Carl and Kayliegh who have cared for them since their rescue.
On release the ducks took a while looking around their surroundings before one duck finally took to the water.
As soon as one duck entered the water the others followed very quickly. They all looked very happy and at home as they splashed and got their wings used to the water.
One even flew off to explore its surroundings.
‘Tiny Lymm’ does now have a green coloured ring on her leg so that she can be identified.
After around half an hour, however, one of the released ducks was spotted away from the flock shivering and very wet.
Col explained that she did not have enough of a waterproofing on her coat and therefore was cold, wet and shivering.
It was decided, after drying the duck as best as the team could, to take her back with them for a few days to recover, before releasing her back to the canal and her flock. 
It was amazing to witness the fantastic work that Col and his team do, and the success of releasing the ducks onto the canal.
Col is no stranger to Lymm as he also helped last year rescuing a cygnet from the lower dam and returned it to its family on the main dam.
You can find out more about Bella’s Legacy Wildlife and Fish Rescue by following and supporting their facebook page Bella’s Legacy Wildlife and Fish Rescue. 

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Written by: ian