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Saturday Club Kids Awards 2023

todayTuesday 28 November

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Cheshire’s MIX56 honours the child superstars of the Kids Live @5 Awards 2023

Paul & Ian’s Saturday Club on 25th November brought together the nominees and winners of the Kids Live @5 Awards 2023 – along with special guests, Andy Carter MP, Clare Roberts OBE, MD or Kids Planet Day Nurseries and AJ Powell, the Lymm Town Crier.

Kids live at 5 is the weekly kids show on Mix56, and is sponsored by Kids Planet Day Nurseries.

The Kids live @5 Awards were announced this summer, looking for nominations for local children to be presented with one of six awards:

  • Determination Award
  • Fundraising Champion
  • Environmental Champion
  • Commitment to the Community
  • Commitment to Sports
  • Outstanding Achievement Award

After receiving hundreds of nominations, the winners were announced in the Kids live @5 show on 19 November.

The nominees and winners were then invited into the Saturday Club, to receive their award and for a chat on air.

The children were all fabulous. They were polite, confident, and enjoyed telling us all about why they had been nominated for an award.

The children who joined us on Saturday in the studio were:

Izzy Woods

Izzy is 9 years old and attends Oughtington Primary School. She won the Commitment to Sports award.

Izzy told us how she has been playing football since age 4.

Last season, she started challenging herself to learn and grow, starting the season with one team – then asked her parents to find another team to help take her out of comfort zone.

She joined a new team where she knew no one and even reached the championship final.

Wanting to improve more, Izzy trained along side further teams and undertook 1 to 1 coaching.

She has also recently joined a running club to help improve skills.

Izzy is very determined and committed to the game. Even though she may struggle with anxiety, Izzy still challengers herself.

Thomas Murphy

Thomas is aged 7 and attends High Legh Primary school.

Thomas won the Determination Award due to how he has dealt with his recently diagnosed allergies.

Thomas told us how he was born with a milk allergy, and as weaning, a further egg allergy.

One week before Christmas 2022, he was diagnosed with further allergies to coconut, raspberries and strawberries (his favourite), baked beans and nuts.

But Thomas has taken all this in his stride!  He is confident in asking for ingredients in foods, and it hasn’t stopped him doing anything!

Thomas attends 4th Lymm Beavers and regularly goes away on camp with them.

Berwin Carter

Berwin is aged 7 and attends Ravenbank Primary School.

Berwin won the Environmental Award after setting up an eco-club at school, encouraging others to think about saving the planet.

He has single-handedly made all club members badges. His commitment to the cause is exemplary.

Orla Heald

Orla is 13 years old and attends the Manchester High School for Girls.

Orla was nominated for the Commitment to the Community Award.

She was nominated because of how she helps  to feed the homeless.

Charlotte Cooke

Charlotte is 11 and attends Culcheth High School.

Charlotte won the Commitment to the Community award, due to her volunteering at the Ukrainian Family Hub Warrington since April 2022.

The hub cares for 250 refugees, including many children.

Charlotte volunteers each Sunday and has hardly missed a Sunday in over 70 sessions.

Her involvement has made a huge impact on the young people.  She knows all by name and has helped them all to feel safe.

Amber Rowe

Amber is age 10 and attends Ravenbank Primary School.

Amber was nominated for the Fundraising Award.

Last summer, Amber climbed six mountains to raise funds for Warrington Cats Protection (helped her cat smudge).

She undertook the challenge called The Six Peaks Four Paws Challenge.

Amber walked Scarfell Pike, Snowdon, Coniston Old Man, Red Pike, Bow Fell and Helvellyn (comnbined height 18000) and has raised over £600 for the charity.

Olivia Crawford

Olivia is aged 13 and attends Bridgewater High School.

Olivia was nominated for the Commitment to Sports Award – and won the Outstanding Achievement award.

Olivia was nominated due to her athletic achievements over the last 12 months.

She started training with Warrington athletics in February 22, after she stopping dancing.

She quickly became Cheshire Champion Hurdles at 75m and 100m sprint, and now competes at Cheshire County Level and National level.

Olivia recently won Under 15 Cheshire Championship at 75m hurdles, she won Gold at North of England Champs (Middlesbrough) and was 5th overall English Championships at Alexandra Stadium, Birmingham

 Oscar Wilkinson

Oscar is aged 10 and attends Cherry Tree Primary School.

Oscar won the Commitment to the Community Award.

Oscar is a regular contributor to Kids live at 5 ‘Space Oscar’ since the show started.

He also met the Secretary of State for Culture & Media – Lucy Frazer – when she visited the Mix56 Studios earlier this year.

Oscar regularly helps to paint  Lymm rocks for others to find, and helps at Lymm rocks displays, interacting with those visiting the displays.

With his family, he has taken part in various litter picks, and also helps to keep an eye on local wildlife.

He was recently involved with the cygnet rescue from the lower dam.

Seb Roberts

Seb is aged 11 and attends Lymm High School.

Seb was nominated for the Commitment to Sports Award for his commitment to cricket this season.

Seb has played in Under 11 team and been one of a few players selected to play senior cricket. He also got a wicket on his debut!

 Reuben Roberts

Reuben is 14 years old and attends Lymm High School.

Reuben won the Commitment to Sports award because of his commitment to cricket this season.

Reuben has played in Under 15 team and asked to play senior cricket, also in Senior cricket 2nd team on a Saturday, and 3rd team Sunday.

He also supports the Wednesday team when needed.

Reuben has missed family trips, theatre trips and even returned from holiday early so he didn’t miss a match.

He volunteers on a Friday evening supporting junior team members and goes to the club most days to train.

Sadly some of the nominees and winners could not be with us on the Saturday Club.

Congratulations go to:

Maisie Delany, 13 from Lymm High School.

Maisie was nominated for the
Determination Award, Commitment to Sports, and the Outstanding achievement award.

The nominations were in respect of her dedication to Lymm Adivas, dancing even whilst recovering from injury and helping younger children.

Atalia Cornellia is 13 and attends Great Sankey High School.

She was nominated for the
Determination Award, for her determination in dance.

Addison Cornellia is 11 and attends Great Sankey High School.

He was was nominated for the
Commitment to Sports award, for his ability to work in a team and encourage younger children.

Isobel Hyland is 11 and attends the Grange Junior School.

She was nominated for the
Fundraising Award, due to her recent  fundraising efforts, with her friend.

Together they raised monies for Macmillan by making and selling book marks, bracelets and notebooks on weekends and
evenings. Together they raised over £300!

Oscar and Sebastian Spink are twins aged 13 who attend Lymm High School.

They were nominated for the Determination Award for how they have dealt with their diagnosis of FSHD Muscular Dystrophy. They have never given up though many things are now hard for them.

They represent Manchester City Powerchair football and are often seen around Lymm in their wheel

A huge congratulations to all who were nominated and won the awards!

Here is a full list of the winners of the Kids live @5 Awards 2023

Environmental Champion Winner is Berwin Carter, 7, Ravenbank Primary School.

Commitment to Sports
Winners are: Reuben Roberts, 14 from Lymm High School, and Izzy Woods, 9 from Oughtrington
Primary School.

Fundraising Champion
Winner is Amber Rowe, 10, Ravenbank Primary School.

Commitment to the Community
Winners are: Charlotte Cooke, 11, Culcheth High School and Oscar Wilkinson, 10 from Cherry Tree
Primary School.

Determination Award
Winners are: Seb and Oscar Spink, 13 from Lymm High School, and Thomas Murphy, 7, High Legh
Primary School.

The Outstanding Achievement Award
Winner is Olivia Crawford, 13, Bridgewater High School.

Congratulations also to our commended nominees.

These include Orla Heald, 11, Manchester High School for Girls, Maisie Delany, 13, Lymm High School, Isobel Hyland, 11, The Grange Junior School, Addison Cornellia, 11, Great Sankey High School, Atalia Cornellia, 13, Great Sankey High School and Seb Roberts, 11, Lymm High School.

Listen Again to The Saturday Club Awards Show Here:

Written by: ian

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