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Only Paper Pee and Poo Down the Loo!

todayTuesday 19 March

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United Utilities supply over 3 million homes with fresh water every year – and magically take it away too!

Every day, United Utilities collect more than 1,271 million litres of used water – from flushed loos, emptied sinks, baths, showers and household appliances.

And though drains and sewers are out of sight, they shouldn’t be out of mind!

We were delighted to welcome Sophie – UU’s Drainage Performance Manager and Sam, Drainage Delivery Manager to our morning studio.  You can listen again right here.

Sophie and Sam from United Utilities

Stop the Block!

Every year, United Utilities spend millions of pounds cleaning drains and sewers because of products that shouldn’t be in them.

According to the UU Website Wet wipes, sanitary products, cotton wool, cotton buds, nappies and dental floss are some of the culprits.

But that’s not all.  Cooking oil and grease can also create blockages and can clog up sewer pipes – leading to sewage flooding in homes and businesses – and pollution in the environment.

You can do your bit.

In the bathroom

Only flush the 3 P’s

Paper, Poo and Toilet Paper

Bin Wet Wipes

Even ones which say they are flushable

Bin Bathroom Rubbish

Put sanitary products, nappies and cotton buds in the bin

In the Kitchen

DON’T pour oils down the sink

Fats, oils and grease can clog the drains

DO scrape cooking oils and leftover food 

And put in the bin

USE a sink strainer

A sink strainer will catch food before going down the drain

Listen here for more advice and to hear the work that United Utilities do to keep our drains and sewage systems operating normally

Listen Again: Paper Pee & Poo
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    Only Paper Pee and Poo Down the Loo! ian

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