Winter Driving Tips: Auto Headlights

With Lightcliffe Skoda Warrington

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Many modern vehicles have auto headlights – but did you know, in most cases they only swich on automatically in low light conditions

An important thing to remember now winter is here and there could be fog and mist patches during daylight hours.

Automatic headlight controls use a sensor which activates the headlights once the outside light conditions reach a certain level.

However, generally the system can’t detect poor driving conditions caused by weather – including rain, snow or fog.

So if you find yourself driving in these conditions when it’s not dark outside – always switch your headlights on manually.

This also applies to your foglamps.

Are your lights on?

Daylight Running Lights

If your vehicle has daylight running lights – also remember that while your front headlights may be on, almost certainly your rear tail lights won’t be, so once again – manually switch on your lights just to be sure you can see and be seen!