The Three Degrees

today Friday 13 Septembermy_locationThe Bowdon Rooms

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 The Three Degrees Join us on an incredible journey through the fascinating world of temperature! From absolute zero to boiling points, this engaging documentary explores the different degrees of heat and cold. Prepare to be amazed as we delve into the science behind temperature and its impact on our everyday lives. Get ready to unlock the secrets of The Three Degrees! TONY DENTON PROMOTIONS Presents THE THREE DEGREES

When you hear the name, The Three Degrees, you immediately think of their most famous song, “When Will I See You Again. True, “When Will I See You Again” was a major hit record throughout the world, topping the chart in the U.S.A., The U.K., Japan and most European countries, earning the trio every conceivable accolade at the time

Begin Friday 13 September H 7:00 pm
Location The Bowdon Rooms